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  • Event Design

This Is Our City

The 2021 Champions League Final was the biggest night in Manchester City’s history. With this in mind we wanted to create an atmosphere surrounding the night that was just as epic. Unfortunately Chelsea won 1-0 meaning none of our Champions designs were released.

This project was developed in collaboration with: Danny Lennon, Nick Barton & Amit Patel.

Branding & Promotion

We took slight inspiration from the Champions League own branding by utilising a neon theme. We were working around the idea of the “Night under the lights”. Therefore we went heavy on the contrast and spotlights to create this epic scene.

Watch Event

The Club went all out for this night, hosting a watch event for the big occasion in the Academy Stadium. Our branding had to be adapted slightly to fit the massive dimensions of the stage. We also designed these as one giant piece so that the stage would be as seamless as possible.

Instagram Stories

Our social media team were also following the game in Porto directly and thus needed branding of their Instagram Stories for their live updates of the game. Again we went heavy on the neon, utilising crests created by Nick Barton.