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Stretford Paddock Takeover

Stretford Paddock recently completed a takeover of Full Time Devils. Full Time Devils used to be at the forefront of Football Fan content, but had become a shadow of it’s former self. My task was to rebrand Full Time Devils into Stretford Paddock so to signal a new era of ownership for the channel, and to inject life and energy back into the viewers.


The original branding for Stretford Paddock had to be adjusted to signify the takeover of Full Time Devils. Through the use of the new trident, it pays homage to FTD’s logo. The trident plays a key role in all of the designs and ensures familiarity in a new audience. Many viewers of FTD may not have known of Stretford Paddock, it was essential that the heart of the original channel was there.


The main focus of Stretford Paddock is on its video content. Thumbnails are an essential part of attracting audiences and maintaining viewers. By producing bright and bold designs for the thumbnails it helps them stand out from the crowd. Keeping a consistent theme throughout the Thumbnails also ensures that viewers instantly know a Stretford Paddock video, this helps create the sense of community.

The Watchalong

With the rebrand, there was also an opportunity to improve the watchalong experience. One of the main issues with the original designs was the complexity. By having many elements in different colours and many moving components, it takes away the focus from the presenters. By adopting a minimal approach it improves the experience and puts the emphasis on the content.

Social Posts

As shown by Stretford Paddock’s massive growth pre-takeover, social posts are an essential part of expanding an audience’s reach. Full Time Devils had neglected this aspect despite having a massive audience. With the takeover I was responsible for Social Media strategy and design. By providing creative and informative content, post engagement has risen by over 200% on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram individually.

Wallpaper Wednesday

Every Wednesday a series of 4 wallpapers are created for Stretford Paddock. This is to interact with the followers and to give something back for their support. This project also gives more exposure to the brand as each piece is easily sharable.