• Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • 3D
  • Illustration

Matchdays & Milestones

Matchdays are something that I wanted to implement at Manchester City since I joined the team in order to improve our social output.

These designs published each Gameweek have been massively successful for engaging our social media audience. It allows us to capitalise off of major points of pop culture or increase hype for certain fixtures throughout the season.

Matchday Templates

Matchday designs cover a whole host of topics and allow us to have some fun as a design team. Whether it’s celebrating the New Year, reacting to the latest film releases or just experimenting with new techniques. These are now an essential part of our matchday schedule.


With Manchester City’s success on the pitch, milestone pieces come across regularly. The club loves to celebrate it’s success so it’s important that these pieces are special and typically this increases our engagement massively as fans get more hyped for these big moments.

Matchday Reactions

In addition to our Matchday promotion pieces, we also produce Matchday Reaction pieces based off of the games events. These jump in on fans hype following the game in order to maximise our social reach and again further push Man City in the social space.