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Jack Grealish Transfer

Jack Grealish was transferred to Man City for a British Record £100M. Due to the significance of such an occasion, we wanted to go all out with social media hype to make this go as big as possible.

The static designs were developed in collaboration with: Danny Lennon & Amit Patel.


A key focus of our branding was looking into what kind of a player Jack Grealish was. With Jack being someone who almost glides across the pitch we wanted to focus on fluidity in our background elements.

Social Hype Posts

We created 3 main pieces for our promotion of the event: 2 Celebration shots & an announcement graphic. One was to announce that he was our new number 10. The other being a general celebration shot in his new kit and stadium.

Presentation Event

Due to the size of the transfer we also had a formal player welcome event outside of the Etihad Stadium. We had to re-purpose our branding to support these new dimensions and ensure that everything came out perfect in the final print.