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Man City Social Branding 21/22

With the 21/22 season starting off behind closed doors, it was especially important to ensure that the club’s online presence was at the forefront of the league.

This project was developed in collaboration with: Danny Lennon, Nick Barton & Amit Patel.


The branding takes inspiration from the kit design itself. One of the main design features were the angled side panels, these were then adapted to fit the clean and simplistic style we wanted to use this year. Last year’s branding felt way too overpowering, learning from last year we wanted to go simplistic and focus on not drowning out the information with needless patterns/shapes.

Matchday Templates

The angled shapes feature heavily throughout as the main aspect of the design that we build around. We kept this consistency throughout the entire project to ensure as seamless branding package. We also analysed many other clubs social media presence and found that photography was a key aspect that we should try to implement throughout each of the templates.

Further Implementation

This branding was also applied to other templates outside of our standard Matchday that we typically design them for. This shows the strength of the overall branding package as it can be seamlessly transitioned into the various needs we have throughout the club.