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City V Liverpool

Manchester City V Liverpool has grown to be the biggest rivalry in the Premier League at this moment, becoming a worldwide spectacle between two of the best teams in the country. With the game being so important to who wins the league, this was branded to be a blockbuster occasion.


The branding takes heavy inspiration from classic cinema marquees and neon, we looked a lot into film production intros for an idea of styling. The idea was to create an epic atmosphere around the game, a feeling that was only ever going to be experienced once.

Social Media

To build hype for the games on social media, we created a series of promo pieces including a countdown & matchday poster. Linking back to the blockbuster theme we wanted to create these from the angle of making film posters, a heavy emphasis on bold dramatic photography.


The player photography was shot by Tom Flathers and was a great success throughout the campaign.


With the social media header we wanted to mix up the styling to a manipulation based piece. Due to the wide format, we decided to use a manipulation based piece to mix up the styling to create a movie premiere scene. This meant we could feature as many players as possible whilst referencing back to our cinema influences.

Wallpaper Wednesday

Again to support the build up on Social Media, we created a themed Wallpaper Wednesday to build on current fanbase hype from the Atletico game previously. These designs fit into our branding of neon and dark colours.